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HOTLINE: 595 23 21 02

Call us if you need any help - Consultations are free and confidential


If you or someone close to you is facing any kind of domestic violence, please contact us. This violence can come in many forms; physical, verbal, emotional, sexual or financial. Don’t hesitate, our highly qualified and experienced team are here to help and advise you.


Sakhli has multidisciplinary team which includes; social workers, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors and pediatricians. Our mandate is to help victims of DV with any problem they may face. These include the following:


Legal advice:

  • Legal consultation

  • Advocate on behalf of our clients in court

  • Help to gain official “DV victim” status needed by law in order to use state services such as shelters


Social consultation:

  • Help to deal with everyday problems and needs - for example we help to find housing, employment, access to state services and help with negotiations with authorities  


Psychological support and rehabilitation:

  • Provide access to individual psychotherapy sessions for victims and their children

  • Host regular group therapy and trainings sessions for DV victims. Namely a place where women can meet and support each other


Medical services and mental health support:

  • Provide medical consultations with family doctors and pediatricians

  • Provide access to a psychiatrist if needed


Temporary residence at our Crisis Centres:

  • Provide emergency accommodation in our Crisis Centres in Telavi and Zugdidi/Tsaishi.


Call our hotline anytime, our team is here to help you.

HOTLINE: 595 23 21 02

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