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The core of Sakhli’s activities is the provision of services to victims of domestic, gender-based and sexual violence. Since March 2000 approximately 9,500 beneficiaries have been consulted by our organization, out of which 67% received psychological consultation/rehabilitation (individual and group), 33% legal aid and 47% medical consultations.

Main forms of violence faced by our beneficiaries:

In 2007 - 2016 Sakhli provided its services through the following offices: head office in Tbilisi; regional office in Gori; partner organizations in Zugdidi (Association ATINATI); Gori (Gori Gender Resource Center); Akhmeta (Kakheti regional Development Foundation). Sakhli ran two Crisis Centres, one in Tbilisi and one in Zugdidi providing complex services for victims of domestic and gender-based violence. These services included short term accommodation. In the past Sakhli has operated a crisis centre also in Gori and operated a shelter for victims from the internally displaced population and refugees in Tbilisi offering long term accommodation and other services.

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Within the Crisis Centres in Tbilisi, Gori and Zugdidi during their operation between 2007-2016, Sakhli has provided the following number of services to victims of domestic and gender-based violence:

VAW/DV Crisis Centers in The Regions of Georgia

Zugdidi / Tsaishi Crisis Center 

Telavi crisis Center


In 2016-2022, the Consultation Centre for Women „Sakhli“ as the partner of the United Nations Women's Organization (UN Women) was involved in the implementation of the UN Women's project: "United Nations Joint Program for Gender Equality". "Sakhli"  provided  the establishment of crisis centers for victims/survivors of violence against women and domestic violence in two regions of Georgia –Samegrelo and Kaheti  - in Zugdidi and Telavi.


The mentioned activity started with negotiations with local municipalities - for the allocation of

appropriate building/space for crisis centers.

In 2017, the organization was temporarily given buildings for crisis centers from the municipalities of Zugdidi and Telavi, which needed rehabilitation and reconstruction. In this case, the organization had the constant support and assistance of UN Women, the necessary funds for rehabilitation were received  from the Embassy of Poland on the recommendation of UN Women.

Sakhli  carried out intensive works to rehabilitate/repair the buildings,  equipped (furniture,  

 household appliances and items) and staffed.

Since 2019, the crisis center has started receiving and serving beneficiaries.The services of the crisis centers included: social and psychological counseling/assistance, short-term  accommodation in crisis situations (for 7 days), provision of information, if necessary, referral for legal

advice/assistance regarding legal issues, long-term placement in a shelter for victims of domestic

violence (in Kutaisi, Sighnaghi);

In 2019-2021, the crisis center received and provided services to women, girls and children living in

the Zugdidi and Telavi regions (see the table for the data):

Zugdidi / Tsaishi Crisis Center 


Telavi Crisis Center