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Our research aims to study the different issues related to domestic violence. These include; revealing public attitudes towards domestic violence; existing stereotypes; widespread forms of domestic violence; provoking factors; main violators; the role of socio-economic factors in the implementation of family roles and functions; interlinkages between family violence and the issue of property; process of Domestic Violence law implementation; psycho-social and legal problems faced by the survivors of domestic violence. Sakhli has also carried out several pieces of research studying the problems faced by the internally displaced population and refugees/asylum seekers which revealed their attitudes towards gender based, domestic and sexual violence.


Sakhli has conducted following the research studies and surveys on domestic violence and related problems:

  • Domestic Violence – Study of Gender Attitudes, 2002

  • Gender Aspects of the Family Conflicts, 2003

  • Monitoring of the Plan of Action for Combating Violence against Women, 2004

  • Domestic Violence – Personal Profiles, 2005

  • Domestic Violence- Threat to the Health, 2006                           

  • Study of Social aspects of the Disabled people, 2007

  • IDPs and the Problem of Violence, 2009

  • Problems of IDP Children and Men, 2010

  • Social problems of Internally Displaced Population, 2011

  • Study of Psycho-social and Legal Problems Faced by the Survivors of Domestic Violence, 2014

  • Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Humanitarian Status-holders- the polling results, 2015   

  • The role of social and institutional support  in protection and assistance of domestic violence survivors (2016)

  • Researching SGBV among Refugees, Humanitarian Status Holders  and Asylum Seekers in Georgia (2017)   

Summary of some results obtained by researches:

"To what extent is domestic violence usual in Georgia?" 

(from the research Social problems of Internally Displaced Population, 2011)

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