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One of Sakhli’s key strategic directions is networking. Our organization is actively involved in national and international initiatives, conferences and trainings organized by different bodies as well as its donors such as UNHCR, UN Women and Oxfam. Sakhli cooperates with key stakeholders in the field of combating domestic and gender-based violence from within the NGO and governmental sector and with local public authorities. Sakhli actively cooperates with following institutions: State Fund for Protection and Assistance of Victims of Trafficking; Public Defender’s Office; Ministry of Education and Science; Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs; Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia; Prosecutor's Office; National Probation Agency.

The Head of Sakhli is a member of the Interagency Council on Fighting Domestic Violence. The Council unites the representatives of different governmental and non-governmental organisations and aims to promote measures of combating domestic violence in Georgia.

Since 2012 Sakhli has been a member organization of the WAVE network (Women Against Violence Europe). In 2013, 2017  organization was the  country focal point of the network and regularly submitted  reports on the existing situation (statistics, services, etc) with regards to gender-based violence in the country, participated in the conferences  and events  (e.g. Step Up Campaign) organized by WAV

In the past Sakhli has been involved in following groups and coalitions (which are not active now): working group “Response of the Health Care System on Domestic Violence” established by UNFPA; UN Women “Civil Society Advisory Group”; Georgian “Coalition against Domestic Violence”; “Coalition of Women’s NGOs”.

NGO consultations in Geneva  2014
2016 UNHCR training in Lopota
TOT for  South Caucasus representatives
Meeting with UN Special Reporter in Tbilisi 2012
WAVE conference 2014 Vienna
Bilbordi 2017 2
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