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Raising public awareness via media

In order to raise public awareness on domestic violence and to bring the issue to public discussion, Sakhli constantly thrives to highlight the issue of domestic violence and related problems in newspapers and magazines, TV and radio programs, publications, social media and advertising activities (social advertisement and video clips).  During the past years we have published over 70 articles on the topic of domestic violence, family conflicts and related issues.

During the recent years, Sakhli has regularly arranged a wide range of activities under the auspices of the international “16 Days Campaign Against Gender-based Violence”. These activities have been conducted with the involvement of women, children and youth – representatives of Sakhli’s target population and encompass, along with awareness raising activities, cultural and educational events.

In 2000 and 2005, Sakhli conducted large scale public awareness campaigns aiming to bring change in public attitudes and sow the seeds for the adoption and successful implementation of the Law of Georgia on Elimination of Domestic Violence.

Documentary films

In order to raise awareness on the issues of violence against women and domestic violence, 5 short documentary films have been prepared by Sakhli during the recent years

“Woman Wanted” (support provided by Oxfam, 1998);

“Sakhli ­Advice Centre for Women” (Oxfam, 2003);

“Domestic Violence is a Crime” (Oxfam, 2006);

“Life Free from Danger” (UNHCR, 2007);

“Let you Always Sing Mother!” (Swiss Cooperation Office South Caucasus, 2008)


In 2015, Sakhli was cooperating on the development of a screenplay for a documentary film “Speak out!” produced with the support of UN Women in cooperation with the Georgian National Film Center.

Trainings and Seminars


Sakhli regularly carries out trainings and  seminars on the issue of domestic violence with members of society, different target groups (ethnic minorities, youth, internally displaced persons, refugees and asylum seekers) and representatives of different ministries, services and agencies (law ­enforcers, social workers, health workers, teachers).

Since 2007, Sakhli has focused its work on psycho­social rehabilitation of victims of sexual and gender-based violence among the Internally Displaced Population (IDP). The regular informative meetings and psycho-educational seminars are arranged for IDP women and girls on different topics, which include: domestic violence, its effects on children and adults, effective communication and conflict resolution skills, coping skills, promotion of self-confidence. Services and assistance available on the basis of Sakhli is offered to participants. Since 2016 these activities have expanded to new target groups - refugees, asylum-seekers and humanitarian status holders.

TV Channel TABULA- program on domestic violence 2014
Training for state DV shelter personnel
Meeting with IDP women
Training for regional Tetritskaro  municipality representatives
Training for regional Municipality representatives 2015
Training for kindergarten teachers 2012
Training for National Probation Agency representatives Lopota 2016
2002 TV program-VOX POPULI
Refugees Day in Pankisi 2012
Pankisi Refugee Day 2016
Meeting with Elderly Council in Pankisi 2011
Meeting with Martkhopi Reception Administartion
2015 At the  IDP collective centre
Event for IDP children 2011
Exibition of Sakhli beneficiries handcraft works 2010
Meeting at Marneuli Municipality 2015
2014 Anti-violnce meeting at Municipality
Training with represenataives for Domestic Violence Identification group
Meeting at Dusis Community Center, KRDF 2016
Meeting at IDP collective center 2016
16 Days Campaign Agagins Gender-based Violence 2015
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