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About Us:

‘Sakhli’ (Union) – Advice Center for Women is non-governmental, non-profitable voluntary public association. We were created in 1997 thanks to the support of the International British Charitable Organization Oxfam and were established as an independent NGO in 2000. Sakhli specialises in supporting victims of domestic violence (DV) and was the first organization in Georgia to solely focus on this issue.


​To empower and support victims of violence in the family and society.


  • To support victims of domestic violence by providing them with services

  • To raise awareness and increase public understanding of the issue of domestic violence

  • To promote relevant legislative reforms on the issue of domestic violence

  • To create a network to protect the interests of domestic violence victims

  • Establishing  domestic violence crisis centers in the regions of the country


​Sakhli Advice Center for Women has laid the foundations for the implementation of a multidimensional approach to combat the problem of domestic violence. Our approach is as follows:


1. Providing services to victims of domestic violence. These services include the provision of:

  • Psychological, legal and medical support

  • Temporary housing

  • Crisis centres


2. Preventing and combatting domestic violence by:

  • Promoting legislative reforms

  • Establishing DV crisis centers in regions –For the first time Sakhli established DV crisis centers in Samegrelo and Kakheti regions (in Zugdidi/Tsaishi and Telavi). Within the frames of cooperation with local municipalities, the amortized premises for the crisis centers were handed over to Sakhli. Organization created modernly equipped and staffed crisis centers, thus promoting inculcation of the new and significant initiatives in the field of DV survivors’ protection in the regions of the country.

  • Raising public awareness and understanding of the issue of domestic violence through publications, TV and radio programs, advertising activities (social ads), preparing short documentaries on the issue of violence against women and domestic violence as well as conducting training seminars on the issue

  • Undertaking research on the problem of domestic violence and related issues

  • Networking with relevant governmental organizations and NGOs in the field of gender-based and domestic violence

The staff of the organization

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